Our Grapes

The Established Vineyard

Six grape varieties are producing at present:

Müller-Thurgau x Siegerrebe

An early ripening variety which can produce rich and zesty wines. In most years we blend this with Optima.



Perle of Alzey
Gewürztraminer x Müller-Thurgau

A little planted early-ripening variety. The Gewürztraminer in its parentage gives its pink colour when ripe and its flowery character.

Müller-Thurgau mutation

A neutral variety with high sugar levels which we use in blending, usually with Perle.

Chasselas x Courtillier Musqué

Slightly later ripening, but capable of producing excellent wines from large bunches of grapes. The wines can have sauvingnon blanc characteristics.

Rieslaner x Silvaner

We believe that we may be the only UK vineyard to retain this variety! It is a heavy yielder, but ripens late and retains high acid levels.

Why keep it? Many of our grapes can have low acid levels in a good year and the Alba can usefully correct this. It is also an important component in our intermittently produced sparkling wine. 



The established vineyard is planted with the vines cane-pruned in the double guyot system. This is very labour intensive but does seem to produce high quality grapes. 

Essentially this gives us four kilometres of a six-foot high hedge to tend!

black = permanent wood
red = last year's wood
blue = this year's canes to be used to replace last year's (red) wood
green = this year's fruiting canes


New Plantings

In 2004 a further two acres were planted increasing the plantings of Ortega, introducing Bacchus ((Silvaner x Riesling) x Muller-Thurgau) and experimental plots of the red varieties:

Regent ((Silvaner x Muller-Thurgau) x Chambourin)

Rondo (Saperavi Servernyi x St Laurent)

Dornfelder (Helfensteiner x Heroldrebe) and

Dunkenfelder (parentage unknown).

These are trained on a single, high-wire system and we hope will come into production in 2008.

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